We would love to be a part of your next event!  We have experience working with nightclubs, street festivals, parades, weddings, corporate events and everything in between…. right down to a backyard get-together or birthday party.  Just click on our contact page and let’s get this show on the road!

A great show to see!
— Chicago Reader


Circus Spectacle

We offer contortionism, hula hooping, adagio, pole dance, juggling, clowning, stilt walking and fan dancing and more.  We also offer aerial acts such as trapeze, silks, lyra, cube and aerial chain.  We can provide our own aerial rig or rig within your space. 

Fire Performance

Our performers eat and breathe fire as well as and manipulating flaming objects such as poi, hula hoops, juggling clubs, fans, swords, canes and staff.  We are fully insured and provide our own safety equipment.

Sideshow Acts

Our traditional acts include blockhead, iron stomach, strong man, bed of nails, machete ladder, glass walking straight jacket escape, russian roulette with knives, human bulletin board, sword swallowing, escapes, knife throwing and flesh hook suspension to name a few.